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Wider opening information


Dear Parents/Carers,

Further to my previous correspondence, I am now in a position to share the school’s reopening plan for parents of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6.  I would like to thank those of you who completed the online survey and added your comments; this was most helpful in allowing me to gauge expected numbers, as well as parental attitudes towards a phased reopening of the school.


As I am sure you are aware, schools face a number of challenges in preparing for a gradual increase in pupil numbers.  At Glebelands some of the hurdles have included a reduced level of teaching and support staff, very limited teaching space, maintaining provision for children of Key Workers, and while at all times ensuring that the health and safety of our children and staff is preserved.


The plan for reopening has been shared with Governors and they have agreed to its implementation. The complete plan with full details of timetables and safety measures has been posted on the school website and can be found at Follow in the Key Information tab.

Given that the reopening plan is a sizeable document, I have summarised the main points below.  However, it is imperative that parents who intend to send their children to school familiarise themselves with the entire document.

  • Pupils in Year 6 only will return to school on Monday 1st June.  Pupils in Reception and Year 1 will return to school from Monday 8th June. This will allow for a phased return of pupils to be implemented safely, whilst providing time for our school to prepare for an increase in pupil numbers. 
    Due to space restrictions within our Foundation base, we are unable at present to reinstate Nursery provision for our part-time children.
    Children of Key Workers and those with an EHCP will continue to attend school from 1st June.
  • Pupils in Year 6 will be separated into two groups (three classes).  One group will attend on Mondays and Tuesdays only.  The second group will attend only on Thursday and Fridays.  The same attendance rota will be implemented from June 8th for children in Reception and Year 1.  Many schools across the city are following this model of 2 days per week which is based on Local Authority and national risk assessed guidance. 
  • Children whose parents are Key Workers or have an EHCP will continue to be allocated a school place. Children who are in Reception, Y1 and Y6 will not however be able to split their time between their key-worker group and their year group.  This is to prevent any potential cross-contamination between ‘bubbles’.  
    It is important that these parents only send their child to school when necessary, and continue to inform us by the Thursday prior to the next working week which days they will require a school place.
    We will be contacting parents of children in Year 6 over the coming days to confirm their child(ren)’s attendance at school.  We will then be in touch with parents of children in Reception and Year 1 soon after.    In accordance with government policy, those parents who decide not to send their child to school will not receive a penalty. 
    I realise of course that our strategy for a phased reopening of Glebelands may inconvenience some parents, and for others perhaps too soon to even consider. I would however point out that our approach reflects the importance of ensuring the health and safety of our children and staff, whilst utilising all resources available to us at present.
    Finally, I would again press upon you to read the full plan for reopening in order to familiarise yourself with our timetables and expectations for children and parents.
    Yours sincerely
    L. Lee