Glebelands Primary School

Stimulating Young Minds


Help your child to read

We want every child in Year 6 who leaves Glebelands to be not only a good reader but someone who enjoys reading, someone who wants to read.


What to do when hearing your child read

Here are some things you can do:


Talk with your child as much as you can

It may sound obvious but talking to your child really helps when they come to read. In today’s busy world, with a range of entertainments at the switch of a remote control, time for talking can sometimes get squeezed.

However a child needs to talk with adults:

•      to gain an understanding of how language works;

•      to pick up a wide range of words;

•      to develop their listening skills.


Be a good role model and let them see you reading

Your child has already learnt huge amounts from you as they have developed from birth. Let your child see you reading and read to your child. They will copy your ways and pick up good habits.

Read to your child

Reading to a child at bedtime is an ideal opportunity to settle them down, to have some shared time together and to model reading. For older children it can be a good time for them to read to you.

Make sure you have books at home                                                                                                                                           

Did you know?

Nationally, 1 in 3 children does not own a book.

There are cheap children’s books available at The Works and at Asda and Tescos.


Having 500 books in the home can advance a child’s education by over 3 years.

Even having 20 books in the home can have a significant impact on whether a child goes on to higher education.


Why not join the local library. They have a good selection of children’s books that you can borrow. We are looking at opening our school library up at the start and end of the day to encourage children to borrow and read more books.

Find out what they like best and get them hooked                                                                                                         

Find reading material that your child is interested in. It might be stories by a particular author. It might be a particular type of story such as science fiction. It might be comics, magazines or books full of facts.