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Type of term of office

Andrew Bolc

Priority 5



Performance and

Standards Committee



20/6/18 – 19/6/22

Chris Down

Governors’ CPD



Vice Chair of


Pay & Personnel


Head Teacher’s performance management

Co-opted Governor

01/08/15 – 31/07/19

Denis Tanfa

Personal Development, Behaviour & Welfare

Priority 9


Pay & Personnel


Head Teachers’ Performance Management

Parent Governor

21/6/17 – 20/6/21

Jane Farrington


Priority 2


Performance & Standards Committee

Co-opted Governor

13/9/17 – 12/9/21

Lawrence Lee


Safer recruitment trained

Performance & Standards

Resources Management

Pay & Personnel


Head Teacher

Mark Kitchener



Performance & Standards

By invitation of the Governors

Rachel Parker

Early Year & Foundation



Pay & Personnel

Parent Governor

20/6/18 – 19/6/22

Saffron Jelley


Priority 5


Performance & Standards


Co-opted Governor

Sarah Farn


Chair of Governors

Safeguarding Governor


Performance Management


Resources Management



HT Performance Management

Parent Governor

18/1/17 – 17/1/21

Kerry Miller


Safer Recruitment



Clerk to Governors

Terri Musson

Pupil Premium

Priority 3


Resources Management

Co-opted Governor

20/6/18 – 19/6/22


Governance Statement


Annual Statement of Impact for the Governing Body of Glebelands Primary School


September 2018


In accordance with the Government’s requirement for all Governing Bodies, the 3 core strategic functions of the Glebelands Primary School Governing Body are: 


  • setting the vision and strategic direction of the school; 
  • holding the headteacher to account for its educational performance; and 
  • ensuring financial resources are well spent. 


Governance arrangements

All Governing Bodies of maintained schools are required to be constituted under the School Governance (Constitution) (England) Regulations 2012. Our Governing Body reconstituted on 1st August 2015. Please see the Governing Body contact list for the structure of the Governing Body.  


The Full Governing Body (FGB), Resource Management Committee (which focuses on finance, premises and health and safety) and Performance Standards committee (which focuses on curriculum and pupil outcomes) meet each term to consider different aspects of the school in detail. We also have a Pay and Personnel Committee which focuses on performance management of staff, and other committees that meet if required to consider pupil discipline and staffing matters.


Governors are regularly involved in reviewing and agreeing school policies through a scheme of delegation and also carry out an annual check of the premises. The Performance Standards Committee monitors pupil progress and achievement in different subjects across the curriculum including SEND and impact of interventions. Governors discuss the key data, to ensure the school is on track to fulfil its ambitious targets – for all pupils. We are always monitoring our ‘vulnerable groups’ of children and focus on how the Pupil Premium Grant is being spent by the school and what impact this has on their outcomes. (Please contact the office if you think your child is eligible for pupil premium as your child can benefit from receiving free school meals as well as additional support for trips, swimming and other activities).


Minutes of the Full Governing Body and Committee meetings are public documents – these are all available on the website.


Focuses for the Governing Body 2017/18

The Governing Body had a busy year and below is some of the business we have focussed on:

  • The school had a staff restructure during this academic year. The governors fully supported the head teacher’s decision for this and we would like to thank all the staff for their continued support during this time.
  • The executive board (chair of governors, vice-chair, head teacher and deputy head) continue to monitor the academisation of schools in Leicester, and the local and national picture of becoming an academy. An academy working group will be created to assess the changing landscape to support the FGB in decision making.
  • The pay and personnel committee have met throughout the year to look at objectives, approving performance related pay for staff and staying informed about quality of teaching and staff development.
  • In June 2018 the school was inspected by Ofsted. The governors were involved in the inspection and we ensure that Ofsted is an area of focus during our meetings. The governors are very pleased with the good rating the school received and we would like to thank the head teacher, the senior leadership team and all the staff for their hard work during this inspection.
  • This academic year we have seen changes to the members of the governing body, welcoming many new members. At the end of the academic year, a skills audit was carried out on the members of the Governing Body to better understand any areas of development, and to identify that where further skills were required.
  • Moving forward into the new academic year, the governing body are focusing on the training and development of new governors coming onto the board, in order for the governing body to be effective and strategic.


Future plans for the Governors

The School Improvement Plan (SIP) is agreed by governors and staff and focuses on the actions needed for continuous improvement within school. The governors spend time, every term, in school monitoring and evidencing the good work of the school and identifying potential improvements that could be made in a variety of curriculum areas in discussion with the head teacher. Greater emphasis this year will be placed on monitoring children’s progress in writing across the school, particularly for our more able children.


Governors are committed to safeguarding, behaviour and safety of all pupils, equality, anti-bullying, attendance and punctuality. An audit is completed annually by the Head teacher and Safeguarding Governor, to ensure the safeguarding policy is being met and all statutory requirements are effectively covered.  For this coming year we are keen to ensure that all aspects of the new Keeping Children Safe in Education document are implemented throughout the school.


Every child matters to the governors at Glebelands – we want them to flourish and be well prepared for the next stage of their life. We believe that by promoting school improvement, supporting and challenging the head teacher, monitoring and evaluating progress and ensuring best use of the school’s budget, that we are having a positive impact in helping the children achieve their potential.  We will continue the good work that was achieved last year and look to improve and develop our own team to support these objectives.


I would like to thank all the parents and children for making this school so great. Especially the children as their attitude, determination and behaviours for learning are what put Glebelands on the map.  I would also like to thank all the staff at Glebelands for the time and effort they put into the school to ensure that every pupil reaches their full potential.


Finally, a thank you to every governor for their commitment, hard work and enthusiasm. Together we are all 'what makes Glebelands great'


Sarah Farn


On behalf of the Governing Body


Interested in becoming a governor?


We currently have vacancies for 2 co-opted governors, 2 parent governors and 1 governor to be appointed by the Local Authority. Please contact the Clerk to the Governors if you would like further information.



If you would like to contact Glebelands Governors, please write to:


Kerry Miller, Clerk to the Governors, c/o Glebelands Primary School


or email:




Register of interests


Governor Business interests Other educational establishments governed Relationships with school staff
Andrew Bolc Employed by Cartwright King Solicitors None Lawrence Lee's spouse used to work at Cartwright King
Chris Down GB-Innovations Limited, ICT Services (Managing Director) None None
Denis Tanfa

Project Manager Restorative Justice Initiative Midlands CIC, Researcher Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Spouse: Self Employed as Health Care Commissioner

None None
Lawrence Lee Employed by Leicester City Council None None
Jane Farrington Employed by Leicester City Council None None
Rachel Parker Employed by University of Leicester Hospitals Trust None None
Saffron Jelley Employed by Grace Dieu None None
Sarah Farn Employed by Babington Academy None None
Terri Musson Employed by Leicester City Council None None
Kerry Miller


None None


From time to time, you may receive a letter asking you if you are interested in becoming a governor. Whilst many may be interested, very few put themselves forward. We hope that tis webpage will give you some information about what being a governor entails. Here are pen portraits of some of our current governors.

Name: Lawrence Lee,  Head Teacher


Type of governor: Head teacher


Background: I have been teaching for 15 years in Leicester City. 


Why did you become a governor? I wanted to get a better insight into the school’s decision making process as part of my own professional development.


What being a governor has involved Attending Governor’s training and courses.

Attending Performance and Standards Committee meetings as well as full Governors meetings.

Liaising with Literacy Co-ordinator to discuss whole school developments.

Being a part of the body which makes key decisions regarding the running and future of the school.


Minutes of Pay Committee 2014 - 2017 and Pay and Personnel Committee 2017 - 2018


These minutes are confidential and are not published on the website.


School Awards