Glebelands Primary School

Stimulating Young Minds



We do not tolerate bullying at Glebelands and are proud to have been awarded our Anti-Bullying Charter. We are concerned about our children's safety when they are at school, in the community and on-line.


We work very hard to stamp out bullying at Glebelands but, like all schools, bullying may occur from time to time.


If so, we will record the incidents and put measures in place to stop the bullying.

We will then monitor the situation to ensure that the bullying has stopped and does not reoccur.

Only behaviour, that we believe, fits the STOP test (Several Times OPurpose), is recorded as bullying. Therefore, any record of bullying is treated very seriously.


Everyone at school is reminded of the importance of STOP.....Start Telling Other the best way to control and prevent bullying.

The Anti-Bullying Team work hard to ensure there is an ethos of tolerance and respect throughout the school.

If you think you are being bullied then it is best to tell someone at school.

However you and/or your parents can text the school or send a message through the Text Someone website.

Our Anti-Bullying team is made up of 6 -10 Year 5/6 volunteers, Mr Lee, Mrs Sinhal (Anti-Bullying Champion) and Mr Nick Cox (Anti-Bullying Governor)



What we do

  • Listen to children's views
  • Review the policy
  • Plan events to raise awareness
  • Distribute leaflets about Anti-Bullying
  • Take apart in Anti-Bullying Week every year


For more information download the leaflets below