Glebelands Primary School

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Reporting sickness absence


Dear Parents/Carers,


We are receiving a large volume of phone calls to the office from parents who are reporting that their child has a cough or a temperature.  Our advice to parents is that if your child has a continuous cough or a high temperature or a loss or change to taste/smell, you should keep your child off school and arrange for them to have a Covid-19 test. 


A number of parents have stated that their child has a ‘slight temperature’ or a ‘mild cough’ and that they should be ok to come to school.  I realise that the decision to keep your child off school can be a difficult one, however it is important that we continue to prevent the spread of Coronavirus by keeping children away from school if they are showing symptoms – however mild. 


Once your child has been tested, you will need to forward the results of the test to the school office before they return to school. If the result is negative, children can then return to school as soon as possible or when well enough to do so.  Should the test prove to be positive, we will then put the necessary measures in place. 


Could I also remind parents to call the school office before 9:00am if your child is unwell.

Thank you for your continued support.


Yours sincerely

L. Lee

Head Teacher