Glebelands Primary School

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Introduction of class bubbles



Dear Parents/Carers,

As the country moves towards a second lockdown due to an increase in the rate of Covid infections, I thought it would be helpful to keep you updated on the new measures that have been implemented at school.


Since the reopening of the school for all year groups last week, the Senior Leadership Team has made a number of changes to our Covid risk assessment. We have taken the decision to move towards a system of class bubbles, which will see pupils interacting only with other children in their class. Staggered break and lunchtimes have also been put into effect, as well as children being restricted to playing in specific zones during these times.


Our intention is to prevent the transmission of positive Coronavirus cases between classes and limit the impact of any potential outbreak. These measures should also enable teaching and learning to continue within the rest of the base if a child or member of staff tests positive in a single class, as only one class will need to isolate.


The reasoning behind our original decision making revolved around staffing and space constraints. We have re-visited these issues and made considerable adjustments to facilitate as many children as possible remaining at school. This will unfortunately have some impact on the children’s learning experience, however we have tried to limit the effect of the new control measures as much as possible.


We have asked that children who are in classes 3, 4, and 7 to enter their classrooms in the morning through their own external doors. This will ease congestion in the cloakrooms during peak times.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind parents of the need to wear a face mask or face shield when coming on to the school premises. The more we can limit the spread of the virus, the greater chance there is of our children being able to attend school, play with their class mates and engage with their teacher.


Given the new national lockdown measures which come into effect on Thursday, it is my sincere hope that this has the desired effect and allows for some restrictions to be lifted as we approach the festive period.


Thank you once again for your patience and support for the school during this very difficult period.


Yours sincerely,

L Lee