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UKS2 Home Learning

Dear parents and children

We are looking forward to welcoming the children back on Wednesday but in the meantime we have planned lessons to keep them learning. Each day there will be an English and Maths lessons along with topic (Black History month) and Geography (Volcanoes). Some of the maths is separate by class so please click on the corresponding star to find your child's lesson. As always if you need anything we will be available on Class Dojo Monday and Tuesday to answer any questions and support children with their learning. If your children need an active break or some chilling out try Gonoodle it is free to sign up and has a wonderful collection of songs, exercise and mindful activities. 

See you soon

Year 5 and 6 teachers

Monday the 26th

English-Lesson 1

Lesson 1-Learn about the poet John Lyons

For more information you can explore his website

The poetry of John Lyons

Watch the lesson from Oak National Academy and learn all about the life of poet and artist John Lyons

Create a short fact file about John Lyons either typed or written


Maths will be set by your class teacher and a link will be provided. You will need paper and pencil


Black History month-

Watch these video clips:

Can you research a significant person in black history? Why were they important? How did they impact on society? What were there achievements?


We are extending our mountains topic a bit further and learning about volcanoes. Watch the Oak National Academy’s lesson about how volcanoes are formed and then can you write a short explanation.

Follow the NEXT buttons as it guides you through with a quiz, then a video and work to complete and a final quiz

Tuesday the 27th

English lesson 2

The poetry of John Lyons lesson 2

Listen to John Lyons read some of his poetry and complete the work linked to it.


Maths will be set by your class teacher and a link will be provided. You will need paper and pencil.


Black History Month-Learn about the wonderful Pablo Fanque

Fanque was a superb circus performer. Create a poster (see image below) advertising Pablo’s Travelling Circus. You may like to look at examples on Google. Remember an advertising poster is trying to get you to purchase tickets for the show so use bright colours, big lettering, engaging, persuasive language, an introduction to the other acts.


Carry on with lessons about volcanoes. Today’s lessons is what happens when a volcano erupts and why do people live in these regions.

Follow along again using the NEXT buttons to guide you through a quiz, video and work to complete followed by a final quiz.

Dear parents and children

Please find below links to the lessons for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week. Please get in touch via Dojo if you any questions or concerns. The children can bring their completed work to school after half term.  




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