Glebelands Primary School

Stimulating Young Minds



At Glebelands we believe that children should compete with themselves, other children in school and with other schools. PE lessons will usually have elements of competition in them as well as the opportunity to develop skills and to build up stamina and fitness.

Most PE activities carry potential health and safety problems. Children are taught how to use equipment safely, how to behave in PE lessons and pool safety at swimming. Teachers carry out on-going risk assessments

It is important that children wear an appropriate change of clothing for PE because they will be getting hot and sweaty. Jewellery has to be removed or in some cases taped up and children using large apparatus need to have bare legs and arms for gripping the equipment. Please ensure that your child has the correct kit in school.

Children have PE lessons as part of the curriculum and we run a number of sports clubs after school each term.


Within our PE curriculum children will have lessons in:


Gymnastics Children use the floor and apparatus to work on body movements and shape, jumps, balances and rolls, and creating sequences of all these.


Dance Both traditional and modern dance are taught to help children develop their sense of beat and rhythm. Children also learn to work together co-operatively.


Games The various techniques used in games are developed each year. These include the ability to control, pass, hit, kick and move with a ball, positional skills and teamwork. A different game is used as the focus for each programme of work.
Swimming Children go swimming in years 2, 3 and 4. We begin with building water confidence and move on to teaching different leg and arm actions. All children go swimming, even if they are already proficient swimmers, because swimming is part of the National Curriculum.
Athletics Traditional athletic skills such as throwing, jumping and running are taught and then worked upon. This is usually a summer term activity.


Outdoor and Adventurous The main focus is Orienteering, where children learn to use maps to guide them and where they work together as a team. Some of our residential visits have a strong focus in this area with activities designed to challenge children and take them out of their comfort zone as well as providing them with fun things to do.




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