Glebelands Primary School

Stimulating Young Minds


School Improvement Plan

School Improvement Priorities 2018-19


Outcomes for pupils

Priority 1: Improve outcomes for all pupils, paying particular attention to higher achievers, so that pupils make good or better progress between key stages.


Success criteria

  • At least 80% of pupils make good progress from their starting points


Priority 2: Improve outcomes for all children in writing so they make good or better progress (with a particular focus on high achievers and PPG children)


Success Criteria:

  • Increase % of greater depth writers across the school including Foundation stage
  • To achieve national % of GD writers at the end of year 6, year 2 and Foundation Stage
  • Increase % of PPG children achieving ARE and GD in writing in line with national


Priority 3: Most able Pupil Premium children achieve the highest standards


Success Criteria:

  • Most able PPG children achieve Greater Depth in Reading Writing and Maths

Priority 4: Raise the level of GLD to at least the national figure with a particular focus on boy’s language skills


Success Criteria:

  • The percentage of children achieving GLD meets or surpasses the national figure.

Priority 5: Children with SEND needs make good progress


Success Criteria:

  • Children achieve an increased percentage of Park’s Primary maths targets and KPI’s in Reading & Writing

Priority 6: Increase accuracy of assessment for the most able pupils.


Success Criteria:

  • An increase in the number of children achieving GD in writing.



Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment

Priority 7: Develop new systems to monitor and evaluate the quality of teaching and learning so that greater emphasis is placed on high quality discussion.


Success Criteria

  • Staff are aware of the specific gaps learning that are the barrier to good progress.

Leadership and Management

Priority 8: Develop skills and practices to enhance teaching and learning throughout the school.

Success Criteria:

  • Appropriate members of SLT achieve qualifications
  • Governors demonstrate clearer understanding of impact of PPG funding
  • Induction process provides new staff with greater awareness of school systems and policies
  • Teachers have greater understanding of UPS standards and expectations

Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

Priority 9: Develop an holistic PSHE and SRE curriculum for pupils

Success Criteria:

  • Children demonstrate greater awareness of resilience through Route to Resilience programme.
  • Compliance to all KCSIE policies and expectations
  • Staff and parents recognise with safeguarding


Head teacher’s reports to Governors

Safeguarding audit

Minutes of SLT meetings

Book scrutiny evaluations



Priority 10: To ensure pupils continue to receive a broad and balanced curriculum.

Success Criteria:

  • Teachers deliver High Quality RE and Music lessons.



Other Planned Developments

Priority A: Invest in new desktops computers for teachers

Explore replacing desktops in the computer suite

Priority B: Improve efficiency and make savings on non-academic areas



School Awards