Glebelands Primary School

Stimulating Young Minds


Expectations of children and staff

Expectations of staff and children       

At Glebelands, children and staff have agreed the following:


What we all expect of children when they are learning: To

  • listen and watch carefully and don’t interrupt
  • work together, co-operate, take turns, share the workload and help each other
  • try your best even if you don’t like something
  • behave well and follow the rules
  • join in and have a go
  • finish your work
  • concentrate – do not distract or get distracted
  • share ideas and support the ideas of others


What we all expect of staff when they are supporting learning: To

  • support all groups in class
  • encourage us to do our best and to get on with others
  • supervise us and keep us safe
  • help us if we get stuck
  • make sure we understand what we have to do
  • listen to our views
  • tell us how we can improve our work
  • make lessons interesting
  • reward good effort


Attitudes we expect from every child: To

  • be polite and respectful to everyone
  • follow the Golden Rules
  • help each other and think of others
  • welcome new children and visitors
  • come to school on time and attend every day
  • set a good example
  • treat other people as you would like to be treated
  • think about what you are saying to others


Attitudes we expect from staff: To

  • give feedback
  • listen to us and follow up concerns
  • be polite and respectful
  • encourage children in everything they do
  • be friendly, firm and fair
  • show a consistent approach to the Golden Rules


These expectations were suggested by the children through Whole School Circle Time and agreed by staff.


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