Glebelands Primary School

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Class 9

Welcome Class 9

Dear Parents,

Class 9 have P.E on Tuesday and therefore will need their kit in school. It is a good idea for your child not to take their kit home until the weekend because we quite often have extra P.E. They need an indoor and outdoor kit (with trainers) because whenever possible we will be going outside. 


Homework is given on Thursday and collected the following Thursday. This gives your child a whole week to complete it or ask for help if the are struggling. Additionally, myself and Miss Pancholi will be running homework club which I encourage children to attend if they do not complete homework easily at home. If they do not complete their homework they will complete it at break time on the Friday.


Finally, spelling are not given as lists to learn but a spelling rule or the same prefix or suffix. Then your child is expected to find as many words as possible that might come up in the dictation (once a week) and learn them at home, paying attention to learning any rules for future consolidation.

Thanks Mrs Cobby

P.S please come in any time you need to speak to me about concerns or questions about your child.


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