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Other children's responsibilities

We encourage children to take on a variety of responsibilities in school. Below are some of the ways we do this:


House Captains

These children are chosen by staff to lead the four houses and to organise various inter-house events over the course of the year.


Peer Mediators

Children have volunteered for this role. The peer mentors are a group of children in years 4, 5 and 6 who help other children to resolve the small conflicts that occur from time to time. They use Restorative Approaches to find out what has happened, what everyone is thinking and feeling and what needs to be done in order to make the situation better.



Our team of 8 librarians ensure books which are returned to the library are scanned in and returned to the appropriate place.  These chidlren carry out their responsibilities during lunchtimes on a rota basis.


Foundation helpers

These Year 6 children work with our lunchtime supervisors to support our younger children to interact in structured games and activities.



Yellow Hats

Our playground buddies give out equipment at lunchtimes and support other children if they are upset or lonely or bothered.